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Senin, 12 Juli 2010


During my long years of life,there has been some slight change in my name. That was obviously for some good reasons too.During most of my active carrier as researcher (in natural sciences) my name is D.M.Tantera(it stand for Dewa Made Tantera). In the year of 1987(when I am 48), my father passed away at the age of 85, so in commemoration I added my father's name in addition to mine. So it became D.M.Tantera Keramas. The changes had created some lag in time in recognation in particular to my rarely contacted friends. So in reality, my name change has been effectly known by all my friends in about 1998. Therefore now, I could savely said that from now on my name: Dewa Made Tantera Keramas (Dewa Tantera Keramas for short) has been known by most if not all of my friend,families and contacts.

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