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Minggu, 08 Agustus 2010

Why ...:Bali Tri Hita Kerana

It is an obsession, leading to ..... a way of life.An obsession? Why ? Due to a cultural background in Bali Island, to be in harmony with nature. Through my blogg, as a Balinese, it is within myself there is a constant drive , to be in harmony with nature, people, and god. For that believe since a long time in the history of this planret, the Balinese give Tri hita kerana as their priority in life.
It has several consequenses for them. Among others while working hard they essentially are highly artistical in their way of performing life. Tri means 3, hita means good and goodness, kerana means causing or the cause.
tri-hita-kerana, the 3 causes of goodness. if this was done, this world could be a paradise by it self. The paradise we created our self right here, .... on earth. You do not need to wait untill you die to find a paradise, it is here in front of you..... believe it or not...
lets think about it....through all this summer evening

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